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Volume & Issue no: Volume 6, Issue 3, May - June 2017


The Future of Knowledge Management
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Dr. K. Sudhakar, B. Swetha
Abstract: In the much vaunted “hype cycle” of business trends and fads, knowledge management has already plumbed the depths of disillusionment. However as it edges towards maturity as a business discipline, it is spawning successors that are more relevant to our times, and that offer more direct business traction. The original premise of knowledge management was that if the most valuable resource of organizations is knowledge, then it should be leveraged and made more productive. This absolutely still holds. However the hype around knowledge management over the years has made what was always an amorphous and slippery concept even harder to grapple with and convert to business results. Today, managers need more focused frames, first to think about these issues, and then to take pointed action. The scope of this paper is to through light on future of knowledge management and various future directions. There are certain steps provided in this paper for preparing future knowledge Management. Keywords: Knowledge Management, Future Directions of KM, Social Networks, Collaboration, Relevance, Work Flow and Knowledge based relationships.
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Dr. K. Sudhakar, B. Swetha , " The Future of Knowledge Management" , International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS) , Volume 6, Issue 3, May - June 2017 , pp. 060-063 , ISSN 2278-6856.
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