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Document details - E-Gram Panchayat

Journal Volume 11, Issue 4, July - August 2022, Article 10282311 Vivek Martand, T R Arunkumar , " E-Gram Panchayat" , International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS) , Volume 11, Issue 4, July - August 2022 , pp. 157-160 , ISSN 2278 - 6856.

E-Gram Panchayat

    Vivek Martand, T R Arunkumar


Abstract: Gram Panchayat is the distribution center of information about schemes and services offered by the government. E Gram Panchayat is a web-based application for greater convey of citizen services in the village via digitalization of web applications for the services of the gram panchayat. This system provides an application for numerous schemes and services and keeps the status of that application. The main aim of this E Gram Panchayat application is to provide information about various services or schemes and provide an application for each service of the gram panchayat. Admin as well as staff members of gram panchayat can view and update various schemes and services provided by the government. In the early days without any help from the online platform panchayat developed the structure in the panchayat. They have built roads, bridges, tunnels, and water tanks and they are working on many other projects. They have also done many social works which have helped the villagers. By using E Gram Panchayat staff members easily update the work which they have done previously. On this site, all government schemes can be uploaded, if any citizen matches the criteria he/she can apply for it online.

  • ISSN: 22786856
  • Source Type: Journal
  • Original language: English

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