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Volume & Issue no: Volume 3, Issue 6, November - December 2014


Enhanced Online Signature Verification System
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Joslyn Fernandes, Nishad Bhandarkar
Abstract Signature has always been and still is widely used as a validation tool to identify the user or his intent in civil society. Online signature is nothing but the dynamic process of handwriting as a feature vector sequence along time. Dynamic time warping (DTW) has been used as a popular method to compare sequence data. This can be used as a security system for verification of a person’s identity, for assessing entry application and also as a password substitution system. The technology used for signature verification requires mainly a digitizing tablet and a particular pen connected to the universal serial bus port (USB port) of a computer. When an individual signs on the digitizing tablet using this specialized pen, the features of the signature are captured and a data set is obtained, irrespective of his signature size and position. The signature is represented as pen-strokes and they consist of x-y coordinates and pressure. The data set thus obtained will be stored in the signature database in the form of a .txt file. These characteristics uniquely identify a person and are extremely difficult to mimic and impossible to steal. This system when compared to offline signature verification is much more reliable. It has a tendency of rejecting 10% of true signatures and accepting 30% of forged signatures using linear discriminant analysis whereas it rejects 5% of true signatures and accepts 2% of forged signatures using quadratic discriminant analysis. Keywords:- Online Signature Verification, C#, MATLAB, Biometrics
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Joslyn Fernandes, Nishad Bhandarkar , " Enhanced Online Signature Verification System" , International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS) , Volume 3, Issue 6, November - December 2014 , pp. 205-209 , ISSN 2278-6856.
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