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Volume & Issue no: Volume 4, Issue 1, January - February 2015


Video Streaming: Challenges to Innovation
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Mr. R B Mete, Prof. A G Korke
Abstract With the tremendous use of internet throughout the whole world, multimedia services provided are widely increased. And it will again increase in future. Transmission of Multimedia over the internet require the quality in all respect .But till wireless channels are more unreliable as compared to wired channels & bandwidth of these wireless channels changes with time. Due to different types of receivers, it is also difficult to obtain efficiency for video multicast. This paper discusses the sender-to-receiver Quality of Service provisioning for scalable video streaming traffic delivery over existing method. The Prototype architecture is proposed & validated which explores the joint use of packet prioritization and scalable video coding (SVC) together with the appropriate mapping of UMTS traffic classes to the Different traffic classes. We develop an analytical model to determine tradeoff’s between network parameters using CSMA MAC protocol. On top of the analytical model, we use an optimization approach for determining the optimal number of APs in a cluster and the optimal separation distances between APs. Several approaches have been proposed in order to address the end-to-end QoS both from the network perspective, like UMTS QoS traffic classes, and from the application perspective, like scalable video coding and packetized prioritization mechanisms. This paper is to find the end-to-end QoS problem of scalable video streaming traffic delivery. We develop an frequency planning to improve the capacity of network and by eight unique video sequences and two scalable encoders, demonstrates the quality gains of scalable video coding(SVC). Keywords:- SVC, QoS, BER, SAMM, JSCC.
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Mr. R B Mete, Prof. A G Korke , " Video Streaming: Challenges to Innovation" , International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS) , Volume 4, Issue 1, January - February 2015 , pp. 063-070 , ISSN 2278-6856.
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