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Volume & Issue no: Volume 5, Issue 3, May - June 2016


Ground Water Augmentation Of Kannankuruchi Lake, Salem, TamilNadu Using GIS – A Case Study
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T.Subramani, K.Kalpana
Abstract Artificial groundwater recharge is a process by which the groundwater reservoir is augmented at a rate exceeding the augmentation rate under natural conditions of replenishment. In some parts of India, due to over-exploitation of groundwater, decline in groundwater levels resulting in shortage of supply of water, and intrusion of saline water in coastal areas have been observed. In such areas, there is need for artificial recharge of groundwater by augmenting the natural infiltration of precipitation or surface-water into underground formations by methods such as water spreading, recharge through pits, shafts, wells etc. The choice of a particular method is governed by local topographical, geological and soil conditions; the quantity and quality of water available for recharge; and the technological-economic viability and social acceptability of such schemes. In our project our study area is mainly comprised of hilly terrain with the maximum elevation at 1515 m at Shevory Hills, (Yercaud). With other hillocks and hills are Nathakari Karadiyur ,, etc. In the South west of the study area, a lake is situated namely Kannankuruchi Lake. It is a natural lake Three Side surrounded by hills and one side by salem city by which it receives sources of water. Kannankuruchi lake is about 200 square meter in area which provides water to Salem town before the supply of Cauvery water from Mettur. Now this source of water is used to meet the requirements in some parts of southern suburbs of Salem city and Namakkal District upto Rasipuram Town. This source of water will support to enhance the over all augmentation of sub surface water in the study area. Now a day the supply of Cauvery water is not fulfilling the needs of people and its sub urban because of increase in population. Any improvement in ground water condition of study area will have the chance of additional supply of drinking water and also the possibility of increase in agricultural activity in and around the said village. Hence we plan to do research and propose the ideas for recharging the water to Kannankuruchi by using Remote Sensing Technology with analyzing rainfall. Keywords: Ground Water, Augmentation, Kannankuruchi Lake, Salem, GIS, Case Study
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T.Subramani, K.Kalpana , " Ground Water Augmentation Of Kannankuruchi Lake, Salem, TamilNadu Using GIS – A Case Study " , International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS) , Volume 5, Issue 3, May - June 2016 , pp. 210-221 , ISSN 2278-6856.
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